PICTURE THIS: Catalpa Festival @ Randall’s Island, NYC — Famous Fans

August 01. 2012 | By Bryan Wallace

Below are fans that we felt truly brought it to Catalpa Festival in NYC. What is “it?” We don’t really know, but they sure have it so they must be famous…or something.

Talent: Surgeon (specifically, amputations).
Secret Desire: To finally tell her dad that she’s a closet vegetarian.
Fun Fact: Favorite episode of Happy Days is “Hollywood Part 3.”

Talent: Unhindered vision with sunglasses at night.
Secret Desire: To stop mistaking the word “there” for “they’re.”
Fun Fact: Sort of likes the smell of skunk, only when it’s “pretty far away though.”

Talent: Networking at the annual company picnic
Secret Desire: New DROID phone because his is “all messed up.”
Fun Fact: His hat was a gift from Uncle Ronnie when he was 7.

Talent: Can make a “half decent” BLT.
Secret Desire: A compliment every now and then… Sara.
Fun Fact: Has seriously never had allergies before.

Talent: Cold War buff.
Secret Desire: To finally sell off her Beanie Baby collection “for the right price.”
Fun Fact: Doesn’t know how she feels about Frasier.

Talent: Mario Kart for N64 (except Bowser’s Castle..she hates Bowser’s Castle).
Secret Desire: To branch out to jump ropes.
Fun Fact: Actually looks this blurry.

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