TRACKS OF THE WEEK – 8/22 Edition

August 22. 2019 | By Wayne Jessup

This week in Tracks, we’ll head north to Whitby, Ontario. Chastity continues to hone their sound down to where the melodies are gleaming. “The Girls I Know Don’t Think So” is our first peek at the forthcoming Home Made Satan, out 9/13 via Captured Tracks. Beyond the pop scene in Korea, there’s plenty of gems to be found in genres you wouldn’t expect, and Topshelf Records has performed a mighty public service in gifting to us the woozy headphone masterpiece that is Mid-Air Thief’s Crumbling. “Why” is our featured cut.

For a legacy label, New Zealand’s Flying Nun shows no signs of slowing down. Purple Pilgrims Perfumed Earth came out this month, and “Two Worlds Apart” is keeping our attention at the Nest.

Checking back in up north, this time London, Ontario is our destination, with Cat Clyde’s “So Cold”, off of her most recent release Hunter’s Trance. After that quick jaunt around the world, there’s no better place to come back to earth than Philadelphia. “22” is the latest salvo from hardcore heroes Soul Glo, providing the perfect conclusion to this week’s adventures.

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