PREVIEW: Toronto’s North by Northeast Festival Playlist

June 07. 2011 | By Olivia Harrington

In gearing up for Toronto’s North by Northeast festival, The Owl Mag is bringing to you a playlist of the festival’s MUST HEAR bands, though it hardly scratches the surface of the impressive 650+ artist lineup. While many Americans couldn’t begin to attempt naming Canada’s ten provinces, these Canadian bands, be they veterans or newcomers, are set to put their homeland on the map.



Fucked Up!“A Little Death”

Amos the Transparent “Greater Than Consequence”

The Paint Movement“Fortune’s Window”

Armen at the Bazaar“Fire”

Diamond Rings“Wait and See”

Handsome Furs“Repatriated”

Imaginary Cities“Hummingbird”

The Abramson Singers “Fools Gold”

Stars“14 Forever”

The Mohawk Lodge – “A Crime of Passion”

Royal Bangs“My Car Is Haunted”

Teen Tits Wild Wives – “Bring Ya Knife To Tha Dance Floor”

Modern Superstitions “Visions of You”

Whale Tooth – “Hibernation Song”

A Horse and His Boy – “Home”

100 Mile House – “Fight”

1977 “I Don’t Want To Take It Out On You”

PS I Love You “2012”

Boys Who Say No – “56k”

DD/MM/YY -“Cold Alberta Nights”

Dirtymags – Mainline

One Hundred Dollars“Black Gold”

BRAIDS “Plath Heart”

Evening Hyme -” Lanterns”

Memoryhouse“Lately” (Deuxieme)

The Balconies“300 Pages”

The Pack A.D. “BC is on Fire”

Rich Aucoin “Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E.”

Snowblink “Ambergris”

Megan Bonnell – “South Korea”

The Coppertone – “I Know The Dead”

Alright Alright“Jackie Munroe”


Action Makes “Berlin”

Les Jupes“Myth #3”

Beekeepers Society“Family Ties”

Men Without Hats“Safety Dance”

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