PREVIEW: Release the Sunbird and Peter Bjorn and John @ Slim’s, 10/8/11

October 03. 2011 | By Hillary Smith

Release the Sunbird (Zach Rogue) will play in San Francisco on 10/8 at Slim’s. Zach Rogue’s sincere, mellow acoustic sound is definitely worth seeing live. Paired with Kate Long’s harmonies, the sound is peaceful, light, and fragile. The acoustic guitar work provides a nice foundation that fits perfectly alongside Rogue and Long’s floating, melodic voices. Together, they are a beautiful, melodious couple who would be great to see live.

And to up the ante even more, Peter Bjorn and John will be headlining. In the same night you’ll get the mellow and sincere sound of Zach Rogue, but also the beat-knocking, catchy, and dancable drums and vocals of PB&J. At this point, the only thing stopping you from buying a ticket would be a zombie apocalypse. So put down your chainsaw (cause we all know that ain’t happening) and go get that ticket.

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