FROM THE NEWS NEST: The Antlers Stream “Undersea” On Facebook

July 17. 2012 | By Collin Welbon

Starting today (July 17th), The Antlers are streaming their new EP, Undersea, on their Facebook page. To listen to the captivating yet soothing four-track EP in its entirety, just “Like” The Antlers Facebook page and let the streaming begin. After a year of touring and wanting to go in a new direction from their two previous albums (Hospice and Burst Apart), The Antlers entered their studio and let creativity take its course. Undersea will be released via Anti- Records and available in stores on Tuesday, July 24th.

Here’s what The Antlers had to say about their new, soon-to-be-released EP:
“Undersea is the feeling of suspension- memories suspended in time and space, energy suspended in the air around us. It’s the serenity of drifting off to sleep or of sinking to the bottom of the ocean. It’s both the comfort of knowing that some questions have no answers, and the torment that we’re never meant to know the truth. We’ve searched for patient, colorful sounds and found a meditative calm, a persistent pulse that leaves room for everything to breathe and expand as a new world takes shape. There is no hurry.”

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