Noise Pop 2014: Noise Pop HQ @ The NWBLK

February 13. 2014 | By Mayumi Okamoto


Not only does this year’s Noise Pop Festival boast an impressive lineup (check out our top picks HERE), but 2014 marks the first year that Noise Pop will have a physical home base at the multimedia creative haven known as The New Black or The NWBLK. Situated in the Mission, think of Noise Pop HQ as the perfect gathering place for friends prior to heading out to one of the many fabulous music venues in the city. From happy hour to brunch, film screenings to special DJ sets, sustainable art to wearable art, Noise Pop HQ will host a number of events during the festival that you’re definitely going to wanna work into your schedule. Head on over to the Noise Pop Headquarters website located HERE to take a peek at the schedule of events. Simply RSVP to the events that grab your attention and get ready to have an amazing time!

In case you need to double check concert times and venues, you can find the full Noise Pop schedule HERE!

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