LIVE REVIEW: Dynamite Walls @ The Roxy 3/31

April 04. 2011 | By Trina N. Green

That cool, easy-going San Diego vibe blew into West Hollywood and The Roxy Theater to dish out a familiar helping of indie power pop: its name was Dynamite Walls.

Their show began with singer Tom Pritchard (vox/guitar) on bass for “The Pages,” a track from their 2007 EP Blinding Lights Above and laid a solid foundation for the night. There were lots of girls present, front and center and engaging in the music: I’m thinking that the ladies make up a healthy slice of this band’s demographic (not judging, just observing). Their seven-song set ran the lines of mid-to-up tempo slices of guitar layers and melody, and I may have had a random Jimmy Eat World moment but I won’t cop to that unless there’s money involved. Rounding out this young and talented five-piece are Alex Blundell (guitar), Allan Bates (bass), Paul Kimmel (keys) and Eric Pritchard (drums). Yes, a band of brothers.

If any songs fully encompassed and pointedly nailed what Dynamite Walls has to offer, it was the running sonic charm of “That Girl” and “Keep Spinning Around,” both of which shimmer and sound like sunny summer days on an Encinitas beach. Pritchard’s vocals (the Tom one) took on an expressive soar for the telling of how “That girl is out of control” and, yes, the pretty girls did dance. While not lacking in slightly weightier material, these gems just may be a Dynamite Walls specialty and they seemed to have a damned good time selling it on The Roxy stage.

FYI, on April 14th, Dynamite Walls play The Belly Up opening for (wait for it) Biffy Clyro!

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