LIVE REVIEW: Cee Lo Green @ Fluxx 2/10/11

February 11. 2011 | By Vanessa

San Diego was all a buzz over Cee Lo Green, set to headline a gig at Fluxx, an upscale downtown nightclub, just a few nights before the Grammys.

The atmosphere was what one would expect from a venue like this. There were pretty people, fog machines and occasionally the cocktail waitresses went by with sparklers in the air for someone’s birthday. Yup, this was totally not my scene. And those of us that didn’t fit in were kind of hanging out awkwardly to the side. I found comfort when spotting other out of place music fans which were easily identifiable holding cans of PBR.

There were two opening bands and at some point around midnight the dance music got going and it became a regular nightclub. And I wondered, ‘why am I here again?’ I turned to the interwebs to find Cee Lo’s tweet which read “Yo yall might not believe me but steven Spielberg is letting me use his private jet to get to san diego on time! Its nice to have friends.” And I’m thinking, “He isn’t even here yet?” A little while later an announcement comes from the dj, who’s been entertaining the masses during this wait, “Cee Lo Green is in the building.” And I wonder, was San Diego just an afterthought? It kind of felt like it.

Somewhere after 12:30am, he appeared onstage rapping energetically and the crowd went wild. The energy was through the roof and for a few moments it was all good. Literally, a few moments. We were graced with a handful of songs. There were crowd pleasers from the Gnarls Barkley days like “Crazy” and “Smiley Faces.” And from his solo album he sang “Bright Lights Bigger City” and of course, the Grammy nominated “Fuck You,” which, as expected, made everyone go into a complete frenzy. He tells us something about being in such a rush and forgetting his music. All of a sudden while “Gone Daddy Gone” is playing, he hurriedly sings a few of the lyrics into his mic and leaves the stage. Was it maybe all of 6 songs that he sang? Everyone’s left feeling a little perplexed. And just like that he was gone… Cee Lo gone.

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