LIVE REVIEW: Jamie Lidell, Alex B @ The Independent 6/18

June 22. 2010 | By Ann Ravanos

There’s nothing like a good, fast paced piano to get your feet moving, and Jamie Lidell certainly delivered that last night at The Independent. Though there were a few “huh?” moments, overall the show was eclectic, bringing together a mix of funky beats and soulful vocals.

Opener, Alex B, happens to fall into some of those questionable moments. A very talented DJ who has gained notable recognition internationally, yes, however, as an opener for Jamie Lidell, it was more like mixing oil and water. Though both great on their own, they just don’t mix. His set lasted 45 minutes, and though he had people bobbing their heads and ultimately received a big applause at the end, the overall vibe of his set was weird. It was pretty apparent by the looks on peoples’ faces. Everyone was a bit unsure about where he fit with Jamie Lidell. Perhaps a label mate? Personal friend? Whatever the reason, there were whispers of mixed reviews throughout the crowd.

Lidell took the stage about 20 minutes later, and all of a sudden, The Independent was packed from wall to wall. He opened with a song from his new album which instantly had everyone dancing. As the show moved on, he mixed in songs from previous records, playing popular hits such as “Another Day” and “Where’d You Go” from his 2008 album, Jim. Not only did he fill the crowd with vivacious energy, but he also had fun with the audience by making jokes throughout the set, grabbing peoples’ hands from the stage to dance with them, and even sharing pretty personal stories leading into his songs.

All-in-all, Jamie Lidell knows how to make music, and his live performance leaves you wanting more. If anyone came into this show tired, it’s almost certain they left completely energized.

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