LIVE REVIEW: Best Coast, Wavves, Hunx & His Punx @ The Music Box 2/24

February 28. 2011 | By Liz Ortega

A flurry of kids braved the chilly night to stand in a massive line around The Music Box to see the sold out co-headlining show featuring Best Coast and Wavves.

Hunx and His Punx @ The Music Box 2/24/11

Hunx & His Punx opened up the show with something I would consider asinine noise but in a fun, bob-your-head, tap-your -toes, shimmy-your-ass kind of way. Lead singer Seth Bogart pranced around in a black crushed velvet cat suit and what appeared to be a cheap Russian Kubanka hat. At times, Bogart was inaudible and incoherent and a little too bubble gum cutesy singing about boys. It was like listening to a really bad squeaky version of Leslie Gore doing the Ramones on Karaoke night at a Gay bar. Hunx & His Punx is interesting to say the least, but their sound is one I would enjoy at a different time and maybe on a different planet.

Wavves @ The Music Box 2/24/11

Up next was San Diego’s own power rock trio, Wavves. Pink silly string, inflatable beach balls and green aliens flew out into the crowd and before I knew it, Wavves barreled right into a medley of snarky punk, distorted garage rock and sheer awesomeness. This is music I have been waiting to hear, revitalized punk rock with damning hooks. Playing songs off King Of The Beach (Fat Possum Records), Wavves provoked some serious pogo-pit action that had the kids flailing and stomping all over the place, including my toes. At times, I heard remnants of the Dickies and Buzzcocks, but Wavves is a creature of unique aptitude.

Best Coast @ The Music Box 2/24/11

Best Coast @ The Music Box 2/24/11

Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” song introduced Best Coast on stage. They kicked off with the upbeat “Bratty B” followed by the soulful rock ballad, “I Want To.” The band’s stage presence and energy was very laid-back, compared to the first two acts. Best Coast is clearly not the type of act to incorporate props or have much of a stage production. They are all about heavy surf guitars, drums, and piercing vocals and that’s how the fans want it. They went on to play “Goodbye,” “Fist City,” (Loretta Lynncover) and every screaming girl’s favorite, “Boyfriend.”

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