FREE TICKETS: Tamaryn @ The Chapel, SF 5/4/13

April 29. 2013 | By Mayumi Okamoto


Tamaryn and longtime collaborator Rex John Shelverton know how to create an ambiance and manipulate moods. Tamaryn”s second full-length album Tender New Signs released in the fall of 2012 to critical acclaim enveloping her into an elite group where shoegaze notables like the Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine also reside. If you close your eyes and listen closely, blurry pastel colored images will come into focus in your mind and Tamaryn”s languid vocals will blissfully sweep you away to a land


The May 4th show at The Chapel is reportedly the band”s last San Francisco show for quite some time. If you want a free pair of tickets to catch them before they vanish into their hazy wonderland, send an email to, give us your full name in the body, and “Tamaryn @ the Chapel, SF” in the subject line.

If you”re not feeling lucky, tickets can be purchased HERE.

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