FREELOADER FRIDAY: Fruit Bats, Dominant Legs, Young Buffalo, Sleeping Bag, Mates of State, and Ohbijou

July 08. 2011 | By Jason Jurgens

Fruit Bats “Tangie and Ray” (Tripper is out 8/2 via Sub Pop)

Fruit Bats – Tangie and Ray by subpop

Dominant Legs “Hoop of Love” (Invitation is out 9/27 via Lefse)

Young Buffalo “Only We Can Keep You From Harm” (Young Von Prettylips EP is out 7/19 via Cantora Records)

Sleeping Bag “Slime” (s/t is out 8/9 via Joyful Noise Recordings)

Mates of State “Maracas” (Mountaintops is out 9/13 via Barsuk Records)

Ohbijou “Niagara” (Metal Meets is out 9/27 via On Last Gang Records)

Ohbijou: “Niagara” by wearesolidgold

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