FREE TICKETS: It’s SHOWVEMBER Thanks to Goldenvoice!

October 25. 2011 | By Trina N. Green

Holy (insert expletive here). Welcome to SHOWVEMBER!

Let’s be real, the reason you’re reading The Owl Mag is because you like to be all up in the business of music and that of your favorite bands/artists, your new favorite bands/artists, and bands/artists you’ve yet to discover. Live show reviews, CD reviews, videos, free shit… we give it to you. We give it to you and you like it.

So how would you like to win free tickets to EVERY show in the month of November under Goldenvoice? GOLDENVOICE! Yes, that includes shows that are already sold out (paging Morrissey), and no, we’re not kidding and yes, it’s called SHOWVEMBER! And we’re not talking about piddly little local club shows; hell to the no, we’re talking major shows from major artists with major ticket prices. Check the November schedule HERE!

Jack’s Mannequin, Ra Ra Riot, Lykke Li, and yes even *gulp* Katy Perry… and on it goes. One lucky winner will get this insane musical recession buster, so now that you’re all excited, head on over to Goldenvoice’s Facebook page and get your contest entry on. This promo ends this Thursday, October 27th so GO!

Good luck music lovers, and you’re welcome.

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