Treasure Island Music Festival Is The Music Equivalent Of The Golden State Warriors

May 29. 2013 | By Staff


The Treasure Island Music Festival is sort of like the Golden State Warriors in that it’s really for the entire Bay Area to enjoy. No loyalists. No Oakland versus SF ego. It’s also tight and compact like a basketball court and it doesn’t take long to go from one end to the other. It signals one of our favorite times of the year. And it also means we get to debate the pros and cons of the lineup in our whiny, fist pump sort of way.


Beck?!! that is awesome! And Sleigh Bells are wicked too. Everybody else though…I’m kinda feeling meh.

-Jamie Lynn


It’s a little light on big players, but Beck as headliner is a good choice, I think. Looks like he’s amping up for a new album announcement, but you won’t see him have as large of a billing elsewhere. Personally I’d rather see Animal Collective on top of Atoms of Peace, but maybe that’s just me. Aside from them, Japandroids is the only other band I’d shell out to see.

-Gabriel Rosenberg


Real Estate as the sun sets on the city=perfection. Beck and AFP are both really fun for the setting too.

-Jeff Bracco



-Sean Morris


I think it’s going to be so much fun (as it always is). The lineup is great (can’t wait to see Japandroids, Io Echo, Phantogram & Giraffage again and ALL the others for the first time!) but even so, this festival is also about so much more than music — can’t wait!

-Amber Gregory


Yay Disclosure & Palma Violets! (…not at all biased to the British acts :P) Little Dragon are good too…

-Nori Bell-Bhuiyan


Wait… 26 artists in 2 days? What am I missing here? That’s a hiccup of a lineup for festival standards. I’ve never been to TI and based on this lineup I never will be. Zzzzzzzz….

-Trina Starke


Since TI is set up like a football field where one stage is at one end and the other stage is at the other end – this lineup is like an all day concert with more than one stage, and IMHO pushes the boundary of the word ‘festival’ since there’s usually only one band playing at a time.

Dress warm.

-Dustin Mitchell


Is it me or is this lineup really light on the hip hop this year? Day 1 supposed to be EDM/electro-based-indie AND hip hop, no? Maybe not equal parts, but not as electro-dominated? Instinctively, I got excited for Palma Violets, Pooliside, HAIM, and Phantogram. The rest I just went “hmm, interesting.” I do like how this year’s unofficial theme is “Stop Wearing Native American Garb or Tennis Headbands to Music Festivals” according to the SFist.

-Mayumi Okamoto


It’s the best festival in CA. Focus on the bands (no conflicts in the schedule, you can catch everyone) reasonable lines, lots of space. Plus the unintentional comedy is very high watching the headphone dancers in the silent disco tent.

-Jeff Bracco


Disclosure and Poolside put out some solid sounds this year. But Tricky?!?? Sold.

-Sadia Harper


After watching Flying Lotus get a bigger reaction playing Earl Sweatshirt than his own stuff, I’m glad there’s no hip-hop on the lineup. TI didn’t need another “Hall of Fame inductees scheduled five hours before non-existent headliners” debacle.

I “yay” this lineup. This could be the first time ever I attend an entire festival. The Atoms for Peace album didn’t thrill me like I thought it would, but maybe it’ll work better live. I hope Beck does something crazy like play Sea Change in its entirety. There are a bunch of bands the Nest has thrust upon me that I never got around to that I will now check out (IO Echo, Palma Violets, Lord Huron, HAIM, Poolside). Curious about STRFKR, Phantogram, and Little Dragon. Looking forward to Japandroids, Real Estate (why not Ducktails though?), Sleigh Bells, and of course AC. I might even check out Major Lazer. Might.


-Sean Morris


I would go to the ends of the earth to see Alexis Krauss rock it.

-Alyssa Pereira


You should go then! Phantogram and Haim make the fest worth it to me! Beck will deliver per uje.

-Hillary Smith


Palma Violets, HAIM, Poolside put on a great live show and I actually know a lot of the other names on this, imagine that. Tricky?

-Don Albonico


I’m with Alyssa! My heaven is a Sleigh Bells show every night of the week and twice on Sunday. Not DYING to see anyone else on the lineup, but I’d go if I lived in the city.

-Amy Osgood


Personally, I would go just for Phantogram! I’ve been dying to see them for years now but have missed them every time they have played in SF. Pretty stoked to finally see Little Dragon and Lord Huron as well after playing them both on repeat lately. On the smaller end, Deep Sea Diver puts on a great show and will be the perfect way to start the day off!

-Jasmine Johnson

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