READ THIS: Beastie Boys Book

April 24. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

Here at the Nest, our focus tends to be forward and less so backwards, but  we’ll make exception for as unlikely a journey as your liable to see in these circles. The Beastie Boys Book celebrates the career arc of the unit in scrapbook form by 2/3 of the trio, Adam Horowitz and Micheal Diamond, honoring their fallen friend Adam Yauch, who, make no mistake, is a real and palpable a presence throughout.

And what a trip it was, from club kid roots to their OG hardcore incarnation, hooking up with Def Jam and transitioning to Hip Hop, opening for Madonna, shocking initial success, meeting the Clash, saying goodbye to Def Jam/moving to LA/hello to Capitol Records, and a rebirth as alternative nation court jesters while finding and refining their own singular style.

The main character, and most compelling part of the book, is the way they capture NYC in the early 80’s. It’s a love letter to a time and place made extra poignant by our Current Situation, where you want nothing more than to go out and kick it w your friends. Adding extra oomph to this tome is the premiere of its video counterpart Beastie Boys Story on Apple TV. You can whet your appetite for both with excerpts below.

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