OUT ON A LIMB: It’s Time To Commit

March 02. 2012 | By Frank Starke

When I first meet you I will judge you. I don’t care if you live in SoCal or NorCal. I don’t care if you’re a hipster or what kind of fashion trend you’re currently following. I don’t even care what kind of car you drive. What I do care about is what kind of music you listen to and when I ask, I hope you have an answer.

When I ask what music you like, pick something… anything. Don’t say you like everything because you don’t. Do you like classic Polish polka or jazz fusion? I doubt it. Please don’t claim to like everything, but country or rap. Rage Against the Machine raps and Jack White sings country. Perhaps you don’t like either of them, but rap and country cover a large spectrum of artists.

There was a time when if someone couldn’t answer the question I could simply ask, “What were the last three albums you bought?” or “What CDs do you currently have in your car?” Hell, for a short time when a few early adopters bought the first 5-gig iPod I could ask, “What artists comprise your current playlist?” But now with a 65-gig iPhone the “I like everything, but country and rap” answers reign supreme.

When you meet me (and that’s probable if you attend shows in LA, I’m the dude with the camera) pick something, even if it is just your favorite band. There’s a good chance I may not have ever heard of them, but at least it’s a start. I won’t judge you if you like rap or even speed metal. If we meet at a show you can even say, “I don’t like music, I’m here with a friend,” at least you made a commitment. It’s that simple. Make a commitment. Music is my world–I just want to know if we live on the same planet.

Now here, while you ponder your answer, listen to a song from the kind of music I like. This is what I’ve committed to:

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