Make Air Not War

June 09. 2008 | By Jules Shapiro

Don’t feel embarrassed about air shredding the battle axe in front of the mirror while folding your laundry. Consider that pseudo-rocking and those air arpeggios practice. Your favorite Judas Priest and Metallica songs are more relevant than ever. The US Air Guitar Championships return just in time to dethrone those wussy ‘Guitar Hero’ players. (No skilled bastards!) Your imaginary guitar skills could prove to be the best in the nation, that is, if you make it past the judges on June 25th at the Independent.

Round one is just the warm-up. You’ll get the opportunity to get all Eddie Van Halen-like to a song of your choice for a full minute. (It’ll be the longest minute of your life, but think of all the air groupies you could make.) Round two won’t be as easy—a surprise tune will be thrown your way, so start studying the rock almanac. You know, Clapton, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Satriani, Hendrix, etc. Judges will rate your stage presence, technical merit and vivacious airness.

Grab the spandex, it’s go time!

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