KFOG’s Renee Richardson: An Interview

June 28. 2005 | By Jason Jurgens

What I’ve quickly learned about the SF/Bay Area music scene is that inevitably all compasses point to KFOG, especially if you’re heading north. Maybe it’s me, but when I was a kid KFOG was my parent’s station and the visual I get from way back is Deadheads, Sperry Topsiders and corduroy shorts. Yet something has changed in me, call it wisdom or maturity or even puberty. KFOG has magically appeared on my preset. Is it because I’ve always wanted to be referred to as a Foghead? Is it my taste for corduroy shorts? Or is it because I feel a tad smarter when I tune in? I think it’s because I see a light at the end of the Caldecott and it’s KFOG’s local music appetite. Begging the question: Why haven’t you heard of these artists yet?

So, imagine my giddiness upon meeting KFOG’s morning show co-host Renee Richardson (the new Pope Benedict of local music). Here’s what we know: she’s blonde, she loves local music, she’s a radio personality and her voice is the perfect compliment to your bagel and coffee as you sit in early morning traffic. A smidge of languid sarcasm punctuated by brief energetic pulses. Isn’t that how we like our coffee?

Here are ten things you don’t know about Renee Richardson (in her words)

1. I’m a Chevron talking car. I was Casey Coope. (Are you still using the wind pipes?) I do voice overs for commercials, but I’d love to be in a cartoon.

2. I have three tattoos. (In any spots we can’t mention?) No…they’re all visible. (What are they?) A Japanese Crane, Wind Walker and porpoise.

3. I curse like a sailor. (Favorite swear word?) Cocksucker

4. I can speak German. (How do you say cocksucker?) It’s weird, but I don’t know many German bad words.

5. I like to drive fast. (So, you have a compartment full of tickets?) I haven’t gotten a ticket since I got my Vespa. They [cops] don’t pull you over…they just say, ‘gosh that’s cute.’

6. My parents are from Austria. I’m a distant relative to the Governator. He’s hard to get in touch with!

7. I love the outdoors…I’m a good skier.

8. I have a cat named Frank. He named himself by sitting on a Frank Black CD and knocking water all over the liner notes.

9. I’m a sucker for three-chord power punk like Green Day, Rancid and NOFX.

10. I hate routines…everyday has to be different. I try to stay as routine free as possible.

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