Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Shoppers Find Solace Here

December 16. 2011 | By Jason Jurgens

An @kanyewest print composed entirely of his twitter musings through December 2010. How was it possible to fit all that ego into such fine print? The tweets are arranged in his signature stunners.

$40 from NovelPoster

Cameron Crowe was Chuck Klosterman before Chuck Klosterman was Chuck Klosterman. The main difference is that Cameron Crowe is a genius film-maker whose fly on the wall moments in rock are what dreams are made of. To celebrate Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary, Crowe sourced over 1,200 hours of rarely/never before seen footage, plus shot 24 hours of new interview footage for an insightful glimpse at one of rock’s enduring treasures. (Crazy to think it’s been 20 years.)

$17.99 on Amazon

If it’s endorsed by Matt Berninger of The National, then it must be gold. Coloring is ageless. And this coloring book with a collection of 25 hand-illustrated designs dedicated to indie bands like Iron & Wine, Bloc Party, The National, and Devendra Banhart will immediately help your street cred.

$10 from Yellow Bird Project

Saying you “like” or “dislike” something is so Internet. Now you can take those emotions offline and stamp the hell out of tangible objects. Perhaps your roommates forehead?

$12.99 on Amazon

Able to store 5 shots of grandpa’s medicine in a re-sealable, freezable, pocket-sized flask. You’re such a rock star.

$10.49 from Restoration Hardware

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