HIGH SCHOOL REUNION: Jason Jurgens (1991-1995)

September 08. 2011 | By Jason Jurgens

I may be dating myself here but after wasting my life on YouTube the other day (on my “lunch break”) with Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden videos (all things Seattle, really) I had an epiphany. First, my lunches are too long. Second, I really miss the sounds from my high school days. Those years of music have become my referential point by which all music I listen to now is judged against. Of course life was simpler then. No priorities to speak of other than who were we going to get to spot for us. I was so unmotivated to be responsible and so hell bent on chasing tail that music was, for lack of a better cliche, a soundtrack to those freer times.

Below is a list of music I couldn’t get enough of from 1991 to 1995 (in no particular order). Welcome to a new feature we like to call High School Reunion.

Pearl Jam — “Release”

The Doors — “When the Music’s Over”

Nice & Smooth — “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow”

House of Pain — “Jump Around”

Temple of the Dog — “Hunger Strike”

Black Sheep — “The Choice Is Yours”

Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Under the Bridge”

Bob Marley — “Coming in from the Cold”

Dr Dre — “Let Me Ride”

Metallica — “Enter Sandman”

A Tribe Called Quest — “Scenario”

Cowboy Junkies — “Sweet Jane”

Mazzy Star — “Fade Into You”

Nirvana — “In Bloom”

Weezer — “Buddy Holly”

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