High School Reunion: James Apollo (1998-2002)

June 21. 2012 | By Staff

Go Warriors.

I spent as little time as possible in high school. I didn’t listen to the radio and I didn’t listen to my friends. I didn’t drink and I didnt smoke cigarettes. I played punk music and sometimes hung out with the vegan straightedge kids, but I wasnt vegan or straightedge, so I didnt listen to them either. I organized my senior year to let me out and go on tour saying I’d learn more on the road. They agreed and that’s the part I listened to.

I had rigged a record player up in my Dodge minivan. Record players dont really work in cars, so I didnt listen to that all that much come to think of it, but when things would smooth out a bit, I’d be able to gleam a few choice selections from my thrift store finds. I’ve always been a cheap ass.  ~James Apollo

If you were one of the 5 lucky ones to purchase my band’s tapes in high school, you’ll know we heavily sampled this:

Satchmo made me feel like a badass:

This sounds a lot better than I thought it would:

The one person I did listen to was a pal’s older brother:

He also showed me this. We played it at a pep fest:

Editors Note: James Apollo’s latest Little War, Little Less was released on June 5th, 2012. Check his first single “Two by Two” here:

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