High School Reunion: Deepak Mantena of Junk Culture (2000-2004)

May 10. 2012 | By Staff


I went to a residential high school in Mississippi. It was kind of like college for high schoolers, which meant we got an even more immature head start on all the nefarious, grossly irresponsible, hormone induced activities college kids get into. Also, we had alternative sports and wellness programs (for Mississippi at least) like “soccer” and “pilates.”

I got good grades, but if I’m being honest, I don’t remember ever doing any actual school work. Most of my time was spent sneaking off campus, trying to get the seniors to think I was cool, having the requisite faux-intellectual “you ever wonder about ______?” stoner conversations, and cruising around listening to music.

My musical taste was all over the place, but the one certainty is that I played each of these songs at least 100 times in a row. Probably annoyed everyone in the dorm in the process. Sorry y’all.  ~Junk Culture

Outkast – Hey Ya!

Circulatory System – The Lovely Universe

Autechre – Slip

Manitoba – Lemon Yoghourt

Aphex Twin – Fingerbib

Moldy Peaches – Goodbye Song

Marshmallow Coast – Classifieds

The Unicorns – Inoculate The Innocuous

Air – Playground Love

Editors Note:
Junk Culture will be releasing Wild Quiet on July 31st via Illegal Art. Check their video for “Summer Friends”:

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