HEAR THIS: Mister Heavenly

June 17. 2011 | By Mike Sabino

Photo by: Jacqueline Dimilia

Nick Thorburn (Islands, The Unicorns), Ryan Kattner aka Honus Honus (Man Man) and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse) assemble forces, forming indie supergroup Mister Heavenly, with celeb touring sidekick Michael Cera. In songs like “Pineapple Girl” swirling keys, catchy hooks, and melodies collide against growling howls and crunchy guitars, rescuing us from dark droning “Experiments”. Pop! Wop! Wow! These self-described “doom-wop” pioneers take back good ol’ R&B and doo-wop through dynamic interplay of Thorburn’s sweet-wispy vocals bouncing off and counter-complimenting Kattner’s whiskey voice. Opposite interplay weaving Kattner’s playful keys, Thorburn’s guitar crunch, and Joe’s infectious beats twist 50s pop charm into quirky modern indie goodness. It’s monster indie mashup heaven. Debut album Out of Love drops August 16, 2011.

Mister Heavenly – Pineapple Girl by subpop

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