June 30. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

Grace Sings Sludge is Oakland-based Grace Cooper, (Sandwitches, Fresh and Onlys), and her new LP Christ Mocked and the End of a Relationship is out 7/17 on Empty Cellar Records. The record marks the transition from home recording to a studio situation, aided by Phil Manley (Trans Am), using the extra power to enhance her singular atmosphere.

Starting with the cassette release, 2010’s This Time It’s Personal, and carrying on through 2012’s Last Year’s Friend, 2014’s Red Light Museum, and her most recent, 2017’s Life With Dick, Cooper has built up a compelling catalogue, with “The Tunnel”, “Difficult To Love” and “Everlasting Arms” standing out as signature tracks.

On the new LP, Grace Sings Sludge achieves a dream state magic on the meditative piano ballad “Falling in love with him again was the most exciting time in my life”. “Friends To All” bursts into life, all coiled energy, unfolding into a haunting wonder. “Born Again Wagon” previewed the LP, while latest track “The Pledge” positively gallops, continuing her search for grace.

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