EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Colour Revolt Wants To Give You A Kick In The Pants

October 04. 2010 | By Tania

Hailing from Oxford, MI MS, Colour Revolt has seen its share of changes. Through numerous tours, the band’s resolve remains strong even though their line-up has changed. Sean Kirkpatrick answers a quick six about the band, their music, and why their latest release The Cradle can be yours for free (kinda).

1. Owl: I’ve seen Colour Revolt play sold-out huge venues on tours with Brand New in 2006, medium sized venues with Manchester Orchestra in 2007, and corner bars like Cincinnati’s Midpoint Festival. Each time, the show is of the same quality and talent. As a band, what type of venue do you feel more comfortable in? Does it matter at all?

Colour Revolt: I don’t know exactly what our ideal venue is. I would say ones with people that want to listen. It doesn’t matter by that point. We just want to convince the audience that they definitely would want to see us again. If it happens to be a bigger venue the next time we play that town, then we adapt and perform as best we see fit. The bottom line is that the songs should be convincing in any setting.

2. Owl: With intense lyrics that seem to get more powerful with each release, where does the inspiration come from? Does performing those songs, those lyrics, those experiences have the same effect on the band as it does the fans?

CR: The lyrics do tend to change with each album. They come from new experiences, fear of not repeating our past songs, and discovery of new lyrical approaches. And you can’t help but feel involved when you’re singing them as well. It’s part of playing the song I guess. You feel like you need to BE the song.

3. Owl: What motivated the decision to give away a free copy of the album to fans who pre-order tickets?

CR: I’ve noticed nowadays that many people need proper motivation to get out of their house. There is just so many things people can do from the seat of their living room that you couldn’t do five years ago. We just wanted to give them that little extra push out the door in order to get them to our show. I think giving away a free download of the album is a pretty good motivator.

4. Owl: If you could plan your dream tour for Colour Revolt, who would be playing beside you?

CR: Fugazi, Pavement, and Sparklehorse. I know it can’t really happen with Sparklehorse anymore (R.I.P. Mark Linkous), but I still can’t help to put it on there. That is our dream line-up for sure.

5. Owl: Musically, there has been such a transition between the EP and The Cradle. Where do you think Colour Revolt will go with future releases?

CR: I guess this goes with every musician, but we don’t really want to repeat ourselves. We’ll just write the songs that come to us. Whether they sound completely foreign or familiar, that’s what we’ll do. I just hope people will continue to meet us halfway on each album, and eventually embrace each new installment of our discography. Plus, why would you want to hear us repeat ourselves? Where’s the excitement in that?

6. Owl: Out of your repertoire, what are you favorite songs to play? Why?

CR: I know everyone enjoys playing “Reno” off the new album. I guess we just get excited in the story behind it. It’s quite an epic tale. We still enjoy playing “Mattresses Underwater” as well. I still think it’s a great song, and it never feels old. And finally, we really enjoy playing “Moses of the South.” It’s one of those songs that just connects with people. We can always tell that the audience is being extra quiet while that song is being performed.

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