COUNTDOWN: 23 Days to Coachella – Fanfarlo

March 20. 2012 | By Trina Starke

Photo by Deirdre O’Callaghan

Even after their video was “leaked” on the Coachella website only days before the big reveal in 2011, Londontown band, Fanfarlo backed out of the festival for reasons unknown to The Owl Mag. And do we really care? No. Because what matters most is that Fanfarlo will finally be gracing a Coachella stage in 2012! Yes, we were a sorry clan last year but thank God they are rock-solidly confirmed after having just released their sophomore album, Rooms Filled With Light, which is chock-ful of ‘80s new-wavelicious tracks. This luscious dance-infused album could easily fit on the Pretty in Pink or Breakfast Club soundtracks and is by far one of our most spun records of the first quarter of 2012. Check the videos below then join us in the desert for Fanfarlo – front and center of course! Happy Coachella!

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