March 15. 2011 | By Tatyahna

Hand sewn stuffed animals and proudly displayed posters of their latest show, the home of mission locals Hate Factory immediately gives off a sense of warmth and humility much like their music. The complacent, calm Katelyn Sullivan who has never been in an “official” band before provides a great juxtaposition for well seasoned local songstress Sierra Frost’s bubbly, rambunctious antics. Together they take on the world of twee, and Hate Factory seems to have found a steady medium between sickeningly sugary and magically mesmerizing. Their recent EP, Tecatepocalypse has a surprising depth, with a raw honesty that some current big names seem to have lost in translation with overwrought lyrics. Hate Factory is to the point- no frills, no theatrics; just two girls on ukes emanating everlasting friendship…you know, friendship.

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