YOU GOTTA SEE THIS VIDEO PREMIERE: “A Little Too Young” by Sunday Lane

May 23. 2012 | By Samantha Gamino

In a world where female singer-songwriters vie for the spot of “the next quirky young thing a-la-Zooey Deschanel,” Sunday Lane is a crisp, fun, talented breath of fresh air.

Already an accomplished musician in her own right with tracks featured on the show One Tree Hill, a spot at Coachella 2011, and an album listed in the Top 10 Singer/Songwriter category on the iTunes charts in April, Lane is enjoying her all too deserved allotted time in the sun.

Her latest video for “A Little Too Young” portrays her incredibly cute version of the age-old dilemma all 20-somethings go through — “not a kid, though not yet an adult.” Take a gander!

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