YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “The Problem” by Jared Saltiel & The Dirty Birds

November 24. 2011 | By Kiri

We know Jared Saltiel as the drummer in the wonderfully weird, costume-loving Brooklyn art-punk band Cesspool, so imagine our surprise when we heard his new single “The Problem”–a moody, driving slice of orchestral indie folk featuring a gorgeous string arrangement. Jared teamed up with his brother, film director Jason Saltiel, to create a stunning music video exploring the themes of family and alienation. After a startling suicide attempt, the 15-year-old protagonist descends into a nightmarish vision–like Alice chasing the white rabbit, the boy follows his mother from room to room, as the house is gradually overtaken by eerie plants. Finally, he comes to a beautiful corridor of trees, where he confronts “the problem” and its heartbreaking consequences.

Jared’s EP release show is coming up on December 18 at Matchless.

Jared Saltiel & the Dirty Birds – THE PROBLEM from Jared Saltiel on Vimeo.

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