YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Seraphim” by Simian Mobile Disco

April 24. 2012 | By Kirk Reed

Electronic music is often knocked for being repetitive, but those infected with the dance bug know that the passion for perpetual loops over driving drumbeats is an uncontrollable tick that must be regularly relieved. The new Simian Mobile Disco video for “Seraphim,” a track on their soon to be released album Unpatterns, splices scenes of various obsessive-compulsive type behaviors in an eerie yet slick fashion that embodies the repetitive nature of electronic music.

Featuring a woman neurotically organizing her bookshelves and a man documenting the cleanliness of his oven through daily polaroid photos, the video, full of uncomfortable moments, would be downright creepy without the smooth pulsating track-building energy and tension in the background. Symbols and handclaps complement a spellbinding melody and a groovy baseline to produce another funky dance track from the English electronic duo. The video is somehow even funkier.

Check out Simian Mobile Disco‘s “Seraphim”:

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