YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Queen Of The Lot” by The Spring Standards

February 14. 2012 | By Andre Cruz

New York-based The Spring Standards┬áhave released a new video for the song “Queen Of The Lot” from their 2010 release Things Would Be Different. The video starts off with one of the most infectious piano tunes thats quickly is accompanied by Heather Robb’s luring voice. The best part of this video besides the doppelganger’s puppets (which is a perfect visual delight for the trio’s music) is the clarity of each instrument. There’s also puppets that are playing instruments and different animals dancing and singing backup. The multi-screen that brings to mind The Brady Bunch intro is pretty cool. And again, the puppets! How can you not like puppets? The Spring Standards are set to release two new EPs this spring with a tour to follow. This threesome looks to have a promising 2012 ahead of them.

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