YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Met Before” by Chairlift

May 14. 2012 | By Bryan Wallace

From their commencement in Colorado to their new Brooklyn domicile, Chairlift has turned-heads with their innovative synthpop sound. Rather than bringing Ticonderoga pencils and Moleskines to class, Chairlift brings class to class in their new video for “Met Before” which takes place in an NYU lecture hall. The video features a group of women singing a cappella while Patrick Wimberly strums in front of the classroom.

The video is a hazy sing-along as the picture is glazed with a soft focus and subtitles appear along the bottom. The blurry style is an ode to the music videos of yesteryears, like Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” or Renee and Renato’s “Save Your Love.”

Sing along to this hazy and choir-like tune, they provide the words. All they’re missing is that jumping cursor from karaoke.

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