YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Light All My Lights” by Seeker Lover Keeper

January 26. 2012 | By Sean Morris

Challenge: watch the video for Seeker Lover Keeper‘s “Light All My Lights” and not grin when Sarah Blasko’s voice comes out of actor Barry Otto‘s mouth. It’s wonderful to see the playful, gentle side of a man best known for portraying Doug Hastings in in Strictly Ballroom. The warm look on Otto’s face is all the illumination the darkened dance studio needs. The sparse setting compliments this longing yet optimistic tune, the minimalist instrumentation ensuring focus on the lyrics and the vocalists’ harmonies. Otto’s genuine enjoyment of the song shines through in his performance.

Check out the video for “Light All My Lights”:

Seeker Lover Keeper – Light All My Lights from Natalie van den Dungen on Vimeo.

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