YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “I Wanna Know U” Oona

January 05. 2011 | By Jason Jurgens

Apparently this Oakland-based siren knows how to catwalk. Peep Oona’s new video for the track “I Wanna Know U”… a lusty pop glam number which features those big blue eyes stomping towards the camera oh so seductively. Not sure what the random indifferent faces in the video represent or why she’s so ready to kick ass when a totally random and extremely sissy looking fight breaks out—we’d pretty much let her beat us up anytime. BTW—but it’s always nice to see our beloved city make a cameo appearance.

You can see if a fight breaks out at Oona’s Bottom of the Hill gig on 1/6. Chances are there will just be a lot of ass jiggling.

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