YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Hold On To Me” by Theresa Andersson

April 16. 2012 | By Bryan Wallace

She is not a “rags to riches” story. She is a “playing in a cooped up kitchen to parading on a giant swan” kind of story. Four years ago Theresa Andersson showcased her virtuosity by performing her song “Na Na Na” in her own New Orleans kitchen. She looped together her zither, two toms, guitar, keys, and a violin while sporting a pink top and cuffed-up jeans.

She has caught a-blaze since, which is evident if you view Andersson’s new video for “Hold On To Me.” As a squad of masqueraded women, a brass ensemble, percussionists, and a glittered hat-wearing child accompanies her, Andersson parades on while sitting on a paper mache swan. If your ears and eyes like it, catch the rest of the soiree on Andersson’s Street Parade that comes out on April 24th.

Check out “Hold On To Me” here:

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