HEAR THIS: We Are Twin

September 30. 2013 | By Kaitlin Rodriguez


Bringing the rhythm and some seriously soulful vocals are identical creative minds, We Are Twin. The connection between Germany-raised Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and producer, Nicolas Balachandran and New York-born and raised singer/songwriter, Gabi Christine, is palpable when listening to their self-titled debut EP. Gabi’s voice is joyfully reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s while playing alongside Balachandran’s emerging soundscape in single, “The Way We Touch.” “Keep On Lovin’ You” begs for some accompanying movement when you listen to the layers of catchy guitar rifts, steady percussion, and Gabi’s contrasting bluesy vocals with soft crooning lyrics, “the sun will never set again, joy will never end, will you be my friend?” Slightly more seductive is the EP’s final track, “Cold Stone Lips,” which channels a rock ‘n roll vibe and highlights both Gabi’s songwriting capabilities and Balachandran’s dynamic instrumentals. These two blend their talents beautifully to create We Are Twin’s truly original sound, one you should give a listen to.

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