“Someone Like You” by Lonesome Ghost

July 16. 2012 | By Jennifer Shields

It’s no secret that The Owl Mag has an everlasting crush on Lonesome Ghost. These guys — they’re chill, they summon the cool, off-shore breeze in the summertime, and they playfully sing to you in all your wind-blown-hair glory while you’re smiling away. Their latest single “Someone Like You” doesn’t stray from their typical MO. The lyrics pretty much sum it up, “I daydream along the old expressway after dawn.”

Corralling it into one genre, we’d call it surfer lo-fi rock. Crafted harmonies coupled with their prominent signature surf-style guitars, they don’t fix what’s not broken and for that, we thank them. Because we want what we want from Lonesome Ghost and they deliver every time.

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