SoCal Report: Voxhaul Broadcast “Timing is Everything”

February 21. 2011 | By Christopher Allen

Voxhaul Broadcast

Timing is Everything


Sometimes you hear a band, and you just know they’re going to be the next big thing. Upon my first spin of Voxhaul Broadcast’s debut Timing Is Everything, I had that feeling. In full disclosure, I’m a big Black Keys and Silversun Pickups fan. Imagine these two mashed together with some electronica sprinkled on top, and you get a sound that’s raw while sounding polished (listen to it, and you’ll see it’s possible) and destined to be bombarding the airwaves in no time. I’m excited. Finally, some good tunes on the radio.

A recent staple of the LA indie scene, Voxhaul Broadcast has blown up as of late and anticipation for their first full-length album has been mounting. Give it a listen, and you’ll be enamored with David Dennis’ evocative vocal style, especially when reaching to the higher octaves like on “Steal the Diamonds.” This is the same track that grooves to the point of tapping your toe straight through the floor, and the syncopated repeated guitar riff will be stuck in your head for hours. Then, there’s tracks like “Loose Chains,” and “Junkyard Dog” that showcase a haunting distorted guitar journey reminiscent of Band of Horses.

It’s the variety that really impresses me though. It can be easy for a band to settle into a familiar rhythm where each track sounds just like the last, but Voxhaul Broadcast manages to keep the sound fresh at each turn. “Rotten Apples,” for example, is a simple, up-beat California sound when the rest of the album weaves intricate guitar, vocals, electronic, and drum together, which is followed by a decidedly slower, borderline Radiohead-esque “Sleepless Dreamer.” Each track is unique in its own way, all while creating one well-thought-out cohesive album. I could say something great about each track, and that rarely happens. I don’t think I need to say it at this point, but Timing is Everything is certainly worth a listen.

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