HEAR THIS: Mother Mother

January 24. 2013 | By Christine Cook

Todd M. Duym
Photo courtesy of Todd M. Duyum

The first time this Owl got her heartbroken, she went on a search for music that was edgy and angry, but upbeat enough to lift my spirits. Vancouver band Mother Mother was the answer to this need. This five-piece offers up unique indie rock songs packed with a punch.

Their second release O My Heart perfectly encompasses their signature: powerful, stick it to you lyrics, strong drumbeats, and eerie vocals. Throughout their four track discography Mother Mother sings of the usual themes: love, hope, broken hearts. But they also sing of other things such as: punching walls, ghosts folding clothes, and outer space being “paradise spread out with a butter knife.” Whether singing swoon worthy ballads or edgy pop beats, Mother Mother delivers tracks any music lover can devour.

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