HEAR THIS: John & Brittany

July 19. 2013 | By Jason Buettner


It’s amazing how music that can be so familiar, can also sound so fresh and exciting. In an age where rock music attempts to either be too smart or too trend setting, the Philadelphia duo, John & Brittany, remind us that rock music is an art form that can just be enjoyed for its raucous sound and hooks alike. John Faye (formerly of IKE and The Caufields) orchestrates post-punk fused with pop rock melodies behind Brittany Rotondo’s sharp and sometimes nasty lyrics.

The Philadelphia duo’s 2013 release Start Sinning is a combination of angst, edge, and brutal honesty. It simultaneously punches the listener in the gut while fist pumping and chanting along with choruses such as the anthem like “Paper Planes” and “Start Sinning.”

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