HEAR THIS: Hotel Cinema

April 10. 2013 | By Kaitlin Rodriguez


A perfect compliment to the upcoming summer season, Los Angeles-based duo Hotel Cinema deliver uplifting indie pop with an electronic influence in their self-titled debut EP. Keeley Bumford”s lovely and delicate voice dances along the electronic elements produced by Mark Hadley in a magical way. Their indie pop meets electronic sound is reminiscent of Stars and at times, Explosions in the Sky and Passion Pit.

The first track, “Rabbit Hole,” aptly named with its Alice in

Wonderland references, lives

up to their self-proclaimed “sound that weaves in and out of reality.” Listening, Keeley serenades you with her enchanting voice and you want to stay right there with her. Continuing to explore the instrumental depths, is the slightly darker fourth track, “Better Run.” Completely alluring, the track evolves into an enveloping rhythm of synths and drums alongside the chorus, “better run if you want me, I have needs, but all I want is you.” Hotel Cinema have six tracks available for your listening pleasure and a string of shows in and around LA lined up this spring and summer. Do yourself a favor and check in to Hotel Cinema.

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