HEAR THIS: Weird Dreams

May 08. 2012 | By Patryk Mrozek

Hailing from East London, UK, Weird Dreams have only recently put out their debut collection of beaming, jangly guitar-pop ditties titled Choreography on April 2nd, to be exact. And while their genre of choice has a way of regularly spurring identically middling releases by characterless bands, be sure not to count them into that crowd. Weird Dreams‘ brand of Rickenbacker-fueled treble rock sounds astonishingly fresh and unique, blending unmistakably British, 1980s post-punk-turned-indie-pop and Southern US ’60s nostalgia treats (think the joyously melodic dB’s and Let’s Active). They’re gleefully dreamy and a little bit weird, and they sure have got great tunes to marry it all together.

Check out “Little Girl” here:
Weird Dreams – Little Girl by Tough Love

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