HEAR THIS: Tidelands

July 04. 2011 | By Mayumi Okamoto

Mie Araki and Gabriel Leis of the San Francisco-based bandĀ Tidelands are set to premiere their self-released debut albumĀ If… on JuIy 26th. The duo collaborate with Minna Choi and Magik*Magik Orchestra to create a rich symphonic soundscape comprised of fluid strings and textured horns. Leis tips his hand as an artful songwriter particularly adept at effortlessly delivering run-on lyrics fraught with imagery seemingly all in one breath. If the first single “Holy Grail” is symptomatic of the forthcoming release, then you can expect the album to be chock-full of buttery goodness for your eardrums. Along with the album’s release, Tidelands will perform at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco on July 26th.

Download Tideland’s “Holy Grail” MP3 HERE!

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