HEAR THIS: The Ultimate Bear Hug

November 26. 2012 | By Hillary Smith

The duo is Barrett Johnson and Doll Knight, and they are killing it. Knight’s vocals are pure and clean. Their sound is a soft, romantic mash of cutesy vocals, acoustic guitar, and banjo. Knight’s words are manipulated in a particular, breathy song-bird way, similar to Zooey Deschannel. She isn’t far off from an in real life, modern-day Betty Boop, and it works. Their sound is dreamy and soft, and Knight’s bluesy vocals are further complimented by Johnson’s full acoustics. One highlight of The Ultimate Bear Hug‘s debut album Just South of Los Angeles is song “Foolish Things” in which Knight lets you into her head and woos you like never before. “You are the most foolish thing I’ve done,” sings Knights in a reflective and pouty tone, against a cheerful backdrop of accordion, acoustic guitar, and stand up bass.

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