HEAR THIS: Terraplane Sun

August 15. 2012 | By Trina N. Green

How can five guys who occupy space in the sunny enclave beachfront city of Venice, CA possibly tap into a river of way south of the Mason-Dixon line sound blended with California sun and soul without sounding contrived or — what’s the word…ridiculous? We don’t know, we just know that Ben Rothbard (vocals, harmonica, guitar), Johnny Zambetti (lead guitar, mandolin), Cecil Campanaro (bass), Lyle Riddle (drums), and Gabe Feenberg (keys, lap steel, accordion, trombone) of Terraplane Sun are damned good at it with the bluesy-rock warmth they convey. For every song in their repertoire (two albums worth) that slinks and slides like the lonesome wail of Feenberg’s lap guitar, there’s a tune that steps rocking lively…kinda like “Get Me Golden” from their upcoming Friends EP.

And if you think that you’ve heard “Get Me Golden” in this year’s motion picture reboot of 21 Jump Street, no you’re not imagining things.

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