HEAR THIS: Tall Ships

November 30. 2011 | By Hillary Smith

YouTube is pretty amazing these days. It allows you to see first-hand that AMAZING concert your friend just got back from, or even a talking cat (the latter for another time). Anyway, it showed me way more than one reason to fall partly in love with Tall Ships, a three-piece band from the UK stuffed with guitar, bass, keyboards and ever-pervading drums, don’t forget a good amount of distortion.

After hearing and seeing their live performances on our beloved YouTube… I understand their delivery. At first glance, you might see some hipster kids bopping up and down and not looking at the crowd so as to appear mysterious. But once you listen and look closer, you see three kids lost in their own jam session. There are a lot of instrumental parts which make for a sort of drifting effect.

It seems to be something like 80% instrumentals, 20% vocals. For those of you who aren’t big instrumental fans don’t let that be a turn-off. They sound like a modern day psychedelic band. Except instead of turning their heads away from rules and laws of the ’70s, they seem to be turning their heads away from any and all distractions, as if their goal is to create their own world and I bet, if you listen and look hard enough, you just might enter it with them.

Check out the video for “Chemistry”:

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