HEAR THIS: Steady Holiday

June 06. 2017 | By Dustin Ragucos

Steady Holiday champions a sound with hints of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the flavorsome jazz spirit of Norah Jones. Yet around this whimsicality and bubbly electronics, there is seriousness to this LA artist’s themes, especially on her recent EP Terror. The group is one to dissect the modern nuclear family (“Terror”) and escapes from social alienation (“More Than One Way”). “It’s getting worse year after year,” she sings, heralding a statement that is so simple yet all too poignant. The instrumentation of Steady Holiday’s tracks is a fusion of bubbly and chilly (“Open Water”); each word is filled with worry. Despite the calm in her voice, Dre Babinski is always on the ready, knowing that terror is only around the corner.

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