HEAR THIS: St. Lucia

May 23. 2012 | By Amanda Sorvig

Us Owls are always looking forward to the summer (if you don’t believe us, check out our latest mix on The Bold Italic here). And any music that elicits the summer mood is lauded in the Nest. Such is the case with Brooklyn-based St. Lucia. Currently signed on Neon Gold Records, St. Lucia has just released a self-titled EP.

St. Lucia is like a wash of energy, color, and dance moves. There’s high and lows, horns and synth, guitars and piano. St. Lucia sounds a bit like a mutated Yeasayer, with more instruments. There are also hints of Tanlines behind the synthesizers, like in the track “The Old House Is Gone.” But for certain, the must-hear track off of the EP is “Before the Dive.” This song covers so much range, from its vocals to its ridiculously amazing bridge toward the end. The chorus is catchy, and the melody feels natural. There is nothing like discovering that perfect sound of summer, and we are pretty convinced it sounds like St. Lucia.

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