HEAR THIS: “Sloe Gin” by Dream McLean

February 04. 2013 | By Claire Wohlers

423768_375586912466631_1189528486_nOkay, so as you can probably tell from the title of his track, Dream McLean isn’t tackling topics with severe gravity like social justice, gang violence, or politics, but “Sloe Gin” is nothing short of entertaining. His lyrics are smart and well-arranged (sometimes it takes a couple listens to get their full impact). Ironically enough, we’ve found he’s captivated and intoxicated us with his undeniably grimy beats, wavering synths, and slick flow. And he’s been getting positive attention ever since his debut single, “Broken,” in 2007 when he brought grime back into the spotlight. Props! We’ll sure be keeping an eye out for more. Check out “Sloe Gin” below.

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