HEAR THIS: Self Defense Family

September 03. 2015 | By Dustin Ragucos
Photo by: Mitchell Wojcik

Photo by: Mitchell Wojcik

Sometimes it”s okay to be bitter and upset. If there”s one thing that Cohoes-based Self Defense Family does well, it”s their showing of no restraint. Though vocalist Patrick Kindlon sounds like he online casino needs a throat lozenge most of the time, it would be best not to serve such an aid because the post-punk sound that the full band pumps out is rusty, grimy, and raw. On their recently released Heaven Is Earth, the band composes a style of indifference through prose that”s better than what drunken frat boys scream out when they are alone in a small room. If you”re feeling vulnerable, then let Self Defense Family create a barrier of emotion that lets you know that you aren”t alone in your rage.

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